Helping dancers avoid injury and improve  performance.


Common foundational alignment issues stop technique advancement and can lead to injury and hinder progress.  


Hamrick Method provides an expert and specialized elite training program that complements the requirements of dance technique by focusing on injury prevention, performance enhancement and reaching one's maximum potential.

The Hamrick Method is brought to you by the creator of the Flexistretcher®, Rachel Hamrick. Hamrick has developed a training method focused on active flexibility and improvments in functional strength using curated training tools to help encourage effective muscle activation. 

Through Rachel's extensive experience, she has developed a training program designed to improve flexibility and functional strength tailored for ballet technique while addressing common alignment issues and injury prevention. Why wait for injury and always be rehabbing back to your previous state? Instead, implement a program that prevents injury by addressing alignment, strength, and mobility early on so you can reach your full potential.


Hamrick Method provides an effective and balanced program for decreased injury and enhanced performance through a combination of active flexibility training, isolated muscular training such as pilates, and functional training tailored to the individual and their specialized goals.

 4 steps to unlock your potential and avoid common foundational-based injuries.

  1. Body awareness

  2. Fundamentals & foundational alignment 

  3. Active flexibility enhancement and isolated strength-building exercises

  4. Functional movement training

Functional movement training can be the difference between becoming a good dancer and an exceptional one. 

Functional movement training is ….

. . . recruiting the correct muscles, coordinating engagement patterns and generating greater force for better performance. This type of training can increase your efficiency, improve your movement patterns and enhance your biomechanics by focusing on training the movement patterns, rather than isolating individual muscles.


When you do not have the necessary mobility and stability combination, you will experience a lack of efficiency which will decrease performance and increase your risk of injury. To perform your best to you need to focus all of your energy towards accomplishing the movement skillfully and with ease rather than tackling different obstacles while trying to achieve the movement. 

Lets get started!

Focusing on the education behind active flexibility training techniques, the Hamrick Method uses a variety of tools to help encourage correct form and full muscle engagement throughout a movement. This full muscular engagement throughout a movement promotes muscle growth and improvements in flexibility by working through one's mobility range in an active, safe, and effective manner. This is necessary for ballet, sport or everyday life as flexibility without the strength or strength without flexibility does not give the balance needed to accomplish required movements skillfully. 

This program has proven beneficial for dance, ballet, Pilates, yoga, stretch, general fitness, sport and physical therapy. Rachel has worked with all ages and levels with beneficial results and dramatic improvements.

Schedule a one on one private training session tailored to your weakness and strengths for optimal results!

*For maximum results a minimum of 2 sessions per week is suggested*