About Rachel

Hamrick Method, Rachel Hamrick


Professional ballerina turned entrepreneur, Rachel Hamrick, received her classical ballet training at the Kirov Academy and danced professionally for Dutch National Ballet, Hungarian National Ballet, Universal Ballet, Orlando Ballet, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal.

After a decade of dancing professionally internationally, her career was disrupted by an emergency operation that left her spinal extension and mobility drastically reduced. In her pursuit to regain flexibility and re-sculpt her own form, she embarked on a mission to better understand anatomy, kinesiology, and its applications to dance-specific movements and overall functional health. With a Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Conditioning certification under her belt, she started working with clients of all ages and flexibility levels to help increase their range of motion, strength, and anatomical awareness. 

Rachel is the inventor of the Flexistretcher®, which she created out of a personal need to help her own flexibility and strength while dancing professionally. After a decade of turning her design into a globally recognized brand she sold the company in July 2019. While the CEO of Flexistretcher®, Hamrick took the lead as the creative director overseeing brand vision through social media, ambassador and marketing initiatives. She also designed other products, packaging and clothing pieces that were all successfully welcomed into the market. She focused on brand community and was able to scale the company through grass roots initiatives and brand loyalty. No longer involved with the company, she is now able to launch her training method and be back in the studio working with everyone from students to adults helping to improve overall flexibility and strength through curated tools and Hamrick's unique training style. 

Hamrick has been and educator in ballet, Pilates and personal training for a combination of 20 years and has certified over 100 teachers in her method. She has lead master classes at the Dance Teacher's Summit, Danza In Fiera and is a Judge for the Youth American Grand Prix.