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The Hamrick Method is a combination of Rachel Hamrick's extensive experience as a professional ballerina, personal trainer, certified Pilates and yoga instructor, ballet coach, and functional movement expert - now available at your finger tips anytime, anywhere!

She created the method out of a need for a flexibility and strength cross training program tailored for the dancer. Focusing on complementing ballet technique while enhancing mobility and functional strength, Hamrick has designed a training program that has proven to show optimal results.

Rachel Hamrick

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"Rachel’s class helped me to understand my body and how I can achieve better turnout. I feel like every minute of the class I am maximizing my workout . The method that Rachel developed builds on each exercise. When I preform the moves there is a mind body connection. I recommend this class for anyone who is interested in taking their technique to a higher level."


"My daughter has been training virtually with Rachel for about a year. She has shown significant growth during this time and it is all attributed to the Hamrick Method. Rachel is extremely talented in her craft and more importantly creates a kind, caring, safe and encouraging environment for her students to thrive and succeed."


"This class is super helpful. It presents new challenges, and in the first class I was a bit worried if I'd be able to keep up. I'm so glad that I stuck with it as I have been improving in my technique, balance, and endurance. Thank you! I needed this class so much."