Hamrick Method Stretch Band

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This custom-designed elastic stretch band has 11 loops for optimal reach and exercise possibilities.  With no adjusting needed it is perfect for all ages and levels!

Rachel's Recommendation: Extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to adjust this stretch band helps to improve mobility and strength through active flexibility exercises. I have found that young students to seniors prefer this band because of its length and no fuss adjusting. Attend a Hamrick Method workshop or stay tuned for online classes coming soon to learn hundreds of exercise possibilities tailored for ballet, Pilates, general stretch, fitness, and rehabilitation. 

Suggested Use: Check out the schedule or contact us to schedule a Hamrick Method class or workshop!


Customer Reviews

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So easy to use!!

I had purchased Rachel’s the original stretch band a while ago but stopped using it because it was cumbersome to adjust the length. The new one is so easy to use because of multiple loops that are already part of the band.

Catharina Rutherford
Awesome product

Love the bands... Ordering a couple more! But wish they had 1 or 2 more loops!

Amy Magnus
high quality instructional aid

Awesome product. I've danced for several years but recently I've been nursing foot problems. I searched youtube for an online floor barre ballet class to improve my conditioning and technique; that is how found Scout Forsythe's video for Glamour. I took her recommendation to check out the Hamrick Method. The quality was better than I hoped to find and exactly what I needed. I invested in both the stretch band and squishy exercise ball for class. I am very happy with both products. They have held up well in class and have added a lot to the instructional experience.

The stretch band is made of high quality material as is its storage bag. The product is well thought out and is stronger than other stretchy products used for floor barre exercises. The exercises that Rachel Hamrick has designed for the product are truly innovative and have helped me achieve greater fitness, balance, and awareness.